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Door Screen

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Bugs like to go into our home for food and shelter. One of the main ways bugs can get into our home is through the opened door entrance. In order to avoid bugs from getting in, the door needs to be closed. However, we need to get fresh air into the house. This Door Screen will keep the bugs out while allowing fresh air to go into the house.

  • Mesh screen: The mesh allows fresh air to come in while keeping the bugs outside.
  • Automatic closure: The door screen closes automatically and firmly with magnets.
  • Pet friendly: It is also suitable for use with pet at home.

Choose the place you need to use the Door Screen and measure the entrance door size. There are 5 sizes to choose from, order the size that is larger than the entrance door.



  • Available sizes approx. 35.4" x 82.6", 39.3" x 82.6", 43.3" x 86.6", 62.9" x 90.5"
  • Material Polyester Fiber
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